{ week 2 } bodacious wild roses + aurora red geraniums

It's been over a year since I incorporated jewel-tone roses into a new design, so when I discovered Sonoma-grown wild roses at the SF Flower Mart back in May, I just had to have them! Then they aligned with Pantone's new fall color, Bodacious--perfection.

For this season, I've created four designs using these bodacious beauties! Flax and dusty rose colored glass beads complement two of these designs, including the necklace below--one of my new faves.

Aurora red can be found in many places in the natural world--in the ripe tomato and the candy cane beet, in the spotted ladybug and, of course, the brilliant sky lights. In terms of pressed flowers, though, none maintains its brilliant red color quite like geraniums. Geranium red is both bright and deep, just like aurora red.

Next Monday, there will be six new cool blue designs to complement these firey reds. Check back!