{ week 4 } dusty cedar + spicy mustard

In the spring of 2011, I rediscovered the art of flower pressing after being inspired by orange Peruvian lily petals (aka Alstroemeria) that had fallen from a bouquet onto my living room table. Those petals soon became the very first pair of earrings I made (pictured below) and was the start of IMPRESSED by nature. The special stripy, multi-colored petals that you see below are making a comeback for the first time since that spring in 2011!

I discovered the same pink and orange variety growing in a friend's Oakland garden in the spring of this year and knew it was time to bring them back. Plus, they perfectly align with two of Pantone's fall colors: spicy mustard and dusty cedar.

I chose to pair the necklace below with dusty rose glass seed beads as well as copper chevrons and matte metallic flax-colored glass beads. These minimal geometric beaded elements complement the organic stripes and highlight the many-colored petals.

Last Friday, I wrote about my favorite hydrangea variety--Expression. These two-toned floral beauties draw on Pantone's dusty cedar in the almost rusted highlights on otherwise green petals. In this season's designs, I wanted to pair these flowers with matte metallic flax beads as well as antiqued copper satellite chain. I noticed that when the chain lengths are lined up, they create a Gatsbyesque art deco look, which I think suits these starry wonders.

Next week is the final reveal of the new Fall/Winter collection, so come on back as we feature Pantone's lush meadow and warm taupe in eight designs.