floral friday: hellebore

I first discovered hellebores in the Pacific Northwest and was enamored by their leaf-like hardiness and unusual colors and patterns.

common name: hellebore
scientific name: Helleborus

hellebore ivory prince flower pacific northwest floral friday

Do you have a particularly cool, shady space in your garden? It's the perfect spot for a hellebore plant to thrive. Not only can these perennials withstand snow and various nibbling fauna, they also produce their astounding, resilient flowers that bloom for 6-8 weeks at a time!

Unlike most flowers' delicate petals, hellebore's are quite sturdy, almost leather-like as they are actually considered sepals, petal-like leaves. For this reason, they don't fall as petals would, but rather remain on the plant. Hellebores' actual petals are called "nectaries" and form a cup in the center for holding nectar. The sepals' color patterns are like nothing I've ever seen and come in such variety, from an unusual cinnamon cream to speckled violet on green--seriously, take a gander at the diversity. I think my favorite is the Rose Quartz variety, just wow.

I've included some hellebore pieces in the new Fall/Winter collection, take a look!