floral friday: hydrangea expression

These hydrangeas are one of my most favorite of all flowers. My jaw literally dropped when I spotted them at the SF Flower Mart.

common name: hydrangea expression
scientific name: Hydrangea macrophylla (mophead)

red green hydrangea macrophylla expression floral friday

The scientific name, 'macrophylla,' literally meaning 'great-leaved,' identifies the leaves, while the common name, 'mophead,' identifies the large round clusters of flowers that stand up like heads among a sea of leaves. Whereas the traditional mophead flower has 4-5 petals, this particular variety, Expression, stands out among the rest for its multiple stacking blooms! In addition, the range in color is just spectacular. The red hue appears almost as if these green botanicals have rusted over time. I have seen others where the red appears more pink and even others where the base color is blue with hints of gold and green. I can't get enough of these!

Since my main work with these flowers is pressing them, I am particularly smitten with the way they form a multi-pointed star shape when all of the layers are pressed together. It's hard to keep them in stock, but I love creating designs using them. I even created my bridesmaids earrings with the blue green variety.