{ week 5 } warm taupe + lush meadow

For the final Fall design reveal this week, I'm excited to share my favorite design of the season with you!

I've always adored queen anne's lace flowers--not only for their floral fractal structure, but also for their resilience. Popping up through cracks in the pavement and flourishing along busy thoroughfares, these flowers are high-class weeds. Lately, I've been enjoying using their smaller blooms to create more intricate jewelry designs and I love the romance that the little lacey florets add. When I created this necklace, I wanted to play with layers, so I created an elegant matinee neckline with flowers and Pantone's warm taupe beads, and then extended a delicate opera-length chain to create length. This is one of those designs that came to life easily and found a place in my heart quickly.

Find the complementary earrings to this necklace plus four white hydrangea designs below! 

One of the first leaves I ever pressed was from a jacaranda tree outside my San Francisco apartment. I love the fern-like look of the branch structure and it's fun to play with the length and number of leaves on each stem. Every season I like to include at least one leafy green design, so I was delighted to see Pantone's lush meadow and bring back jacaranda leaves in these new designs.

Thanks so much for following along with this 5-week Fall Design Launch! You can now view and shop all new designs online.