{ week 3 } riverside + airy blue hydrangeas

This week I'm excited to share my inspiration for creating a set of cool blue hydrangea pieces.

Blue is one of the rarest colors in nature. I learned this from one of my favorite Radiolab podcast episodes called "Colors"--it is fascinating, take a listen here. This episode made me reconsider whether the sky is really blue or not, seriously. Listen.

For winter, I like to incorporate cool blue colors. Hydrangeas hold their blue beautifully, plus you'll see highlights of many other colors, such as green, purple, gold, and yellow. I was delighted to see Pantone's riverside and airy blue as part of the palette for Fall 2016 as these different blue tones appear in each of my new hydrangea designs.

This season I was particularly inspired by the undertones in the blue hydrangeas I collected from the SF Flower Mart in the spring. These hydrangeas are a special type called Expression and they feature 3-4 sets of blooms that grow vertically on top of one another, so when they are pressed, their numerous petals overlap to form a layered star. I loved the gold tones in these particular ones, so I paired them with flax-colored glass beads. Their bicone shape complements the almond-shaped hydrangea petals as well. 

I continued to pair these cool blues with warm metallic components in these two other designs, which incorporate matte copper glass teardrops:

This next design finds its inspiration from the changing seasons, which not only signal plants of all kinds to shed their petals and leaves, but also means rain is on its way. These earrings incorporate new apollo-style glass beads that from one angle display a milky white color and from another show a hint of metallic gold. You've got to see these in person!

Finally, these signature styles are back in stock:

Next Monday we will return to some warmer colors, including Pantone's dusty cedar and spicy mustard, with 6 more new designs for Fall/Winter!