{ week 1 } impressed by pantone's fall colors

Twice a year, I check in with Pantone to draw inspiration for my new pressed flower jewelry designs. This fall's selection of colors makes up a particularly stunning palette of warm earth and cool air tones.

When I'm getting started on a new season's collection, I consider Pantone's colors for my botanical selections as well as complementary beads and findings. I began drafting the fall/winter 2016 collection in early summer. It always feels a little strange envisioning the next season when the present one is just getting started. I suppose those of us in the fashion world are constantly straddling the present and the future.

This season's warm colors--dusty cedar and potter's clay--perfectly align with the earthy copper metal findings I use in all of my jewelry designs, so it will create a perfect foundational undertone.

Next I consult my collection of flowers and leaves to see if there are any connections. I don't have as much control over this part, so I tend to consider a few things in order to create a cohesive color story: 1) am I representing a balanced palette of earth and jewel tones? 2) can I use neutral botanicals with colorful components to highlight fall colors? 3) are their flowers or leaves that lend themselves to being worn with fall-colored clothing?

One of my favorite flower picks for this fall is hellebore. I first introduced it in 2012 and I am thrilled to bring it back. The variety I chose connects with a couple of fall swatches: dusty cedar and bodacious. The brand new hellebore jewelry designs (earrings shown below) are now available for purchase here!

Once I make my botanical selections, I move onto bead and chain components and begin considering: color, size, shape, and weight. This season I was especially inspired by the colors spicy mustard and warm taupe. I sourced matte metallic beads as well as copper chevron chain to complement the fall flowers. The brand new brown sunflower designs (necklace shown below) are now available for purchase here!

The final steps to completing the collection are always a bit different season to season. Ultimately, I end up paring it down based on an overall sense of the story that the collection tells when viewed together. I want to make sure there is a little of something for everyone--simple and ornate designs, neutral and bright tones, varying lengths and sizes, and beloved and brand new styles. Even when I've decide on the final selections, there's always a bit of hesitancy and adjusting before I'm convinced that they're right. I wonder, 'Will I ever like these new ones? Last season's were definitely better!' Now in my sixth season of creating collections this way, I realize that this step is a natural part of my creative process.

Over the next weeks, I will be sharing more about my inspiration behind the new fall collection and gradually releasing the designs for sale online. Stay tuned!

OH! And take a gander at my Fall-Inspired Pinterest Board for more Pantone beauty!