DIY flower project: floral ice punch bowl

Summer festivities call for FLOWERS! (Well, in my book anyway!) Here's a simple way to add a whole lot of botanical beauty to your party and really impress your guests.

I made this floral ice punch bowl for my birthday and it was a hit! I'm planning on making it again and I learned some lessons to adjust for the second time around, which I'll share below.

Floral Ice Punch Bowl


  • flowers - I recommend edible ones since they will become exposed as the ice melts. You can find edible flower petals at your local grocery store in the fresh herbs section or you can forage for your own using this handy guide
  • two large bowls - One should be able to nest inside the other. Lesson Learned: Use a silicone or other flexible bowl for the outer bowl as this ceramic one I used was really hard to get the finished ice bowl out of.
  • water
  • measuring cup with spout
  • weights - I used pie weights, but you can use anything including ice packs or other heavy things in your freezer.
  • tray or dish to rest your final ice bowl in


1. Collect the flowers you want to use for the ice bowl and lay them out in the larger bowl. I wanted to make an impression, so I picked these fuchsia roses and left the stems on, which definitely helped keep them in place. You can use any flowers, just keep in mind that small flowers will probably float to the top. If you want to use small flowers, you might try freezing the bowl in stages to create layers of flowers. 
Lesson learned: The roses I picked were a little too big for this project. The large flower heads were so thick that they created gaps in the ice bowl, which meant that the punch would leak out. Luckily, the flower heads were clustered at the top so we only filled the bowl halfway with punch at first and then refilled as needed.

1 flower ice punch bowl roses diy tutorial.jpg

2. Once you arrange your flowers in the larger bowl, carefully rest the smaller bowl inside and gently push all the flowers down so they're flush with the top of the bowl rim.

rose punch bowl diy flower theme party

3. Slowly pour water into the outer bowl so it fills in around the flowers. Jostle the inner bowl around so the water makes its way around. Fill with water until you can see it reach a couple inches below the rim of the outer bowl. You will be adjusting the water level in the next step, so this is just an estimate for now.

real flower decorations spring party

4. Add your weights to the inner bowl. You can use pie weights, beans, ice packs, or anything from your freezer. This part is a little tricky. Basically, you want to add enough weight so that the inner bowl rests at a height from the outer bowl to create a fairly even ice wall on all sides. The inner bowl should not touch the bottom of the outer bowl, otherwise, the base of the bowl will be too thin to hold your punch. Once you have the inner bowl weighed down, add more water, if necessary, to fill the outer bowl to the brim.

diy flower theme party impressed by nature

5. Clear a space in your freezer and carefully place the bowls so that they rest flat. Leave to freeze overnight.

6. Wait until just before you're going to serve your punch to take the ice bowl out of the freezer. When you're ready, remove it from the freezer and carefully pull the inner bowl out--it should come out with fairly easily. Now, hopefully your outer bowl has some flexibility and you can flex it until the entire ice bowl slides out. If not, I had luck getting my ice bowl out of a ceramic bowl by flipping it over in my sink and running cold water over the bottom of the bowl until it eventually fell out. Don't run water over the ice itself.

7. Place your floral ice bowl on a tray or dish to collect the water as it melts. Inspect the walls of the bowl to make sure it will hold liquid and then add your favorite punch!

rose theme party summer party punch bowl

DIY flower project: edible flower ice cubes

As you plan for your warm weather events--spring flings, backyard barbecues and the like--consider adding a little floral fun to your party drinks! This quick and easy tutorial will leave your guests impressed by nature ;)

I made these edible flower ice cubes for my backyard birthday party and they were a huge hit! They only took a bit of preparation and added so much to all of the drinks my guests enjoyed. After all, who doesn't love a little botanical pick me up?

Edible Flower Ice Cubes


  • edible flowers -- You can usually find a selection of edible flowers at your local grocery store in the herbs section. If you want to harvest your own, click here for a list of flowers you can eat.
  • ice cube trays -- Click here for the brand I used to make square cubes.
  • water


1. Collect your flowers and make sure to wash them--look out for bugs if you harvested your own. You might choose a specific color palette or a confetti of flower fun, like I did! Each flower has a different flavor, so you might try some flavor pairings. I noticed that once the cubes melted, some guests were adventurous enough to eat the petals, but a lot of guests simply enjoyed them floating in the drink as a garnish.

IMPRESSED by nature Blog - edible flower ice cubes spring party

2. Fill each compartment of the ice tray halfway with water. Sprinkle some flower petals in each space and then fill the rest of the way with water. I found it helpful to use a pitcher to top off each compartment so that they didn't overflow. Many of the petals will float to the top. I recommend pushing them down to make sure they're wet, which will help them sink a bit. If you have time, you can double freeze them to disperse the flowers more evenly. Fill the compartments halfway with water and flowers, freeze them, and then add more petals and water to top off the cubes and freeze again. I used this method for half of my cubes and loved adding these lovely chamomile flowers to the top! 

IMPRESSED by nature Blog - edible flower cocktail party

4. Leave the cubes to freeze overnight. If you're making multiple batches, store them in paper bags in the freezer to avoid sticking together.

IMPRESSED by nature Blog - flower power party cocktails

5. Add them to your favorite beverage and enjoy!

If you try this project, I'd love to hear what flowers you used! Share in the comments below.

flower DIY project: pressed flower luminaries

The natural world has always been a source of calm and creativity throughout my life. As a child, my siblings and I would spend hours exploring the outdoors, including a real-life batcave! Years later as a teacher, my kindergarten students and I spent months creating elaborate fairy dwellings using natural found objects. Now, in my current life’s passion, I spend my days fawning over pressed flowers and leaves to create my natural jewelry designs. Running a business is not always relaxing, so in moments of stress and busyness, I continue to find ease and joy in the natural world around me--quite literally, stopping to smell the flowers. I think it’s safe to say that nature is my self-care muse!

As we celebrate the earth this month, I'd like to share a floral DIY project with you: pressed flower luminaries. If you aren't familiar with how to press flowers, pick up a mini flower pressing kit in the shop--it's affordable and easy to learn! Flower pressing is a tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt. It's a simple process that dries plant materials in a natural manner that maintains much of the color and integrity of the plant. The careful process encourages mindfulness of action as well as a deep connection to the natural world, and the end results leaves the door open for numerous creative projects. This is just one option for you to try out.

Pressed Flower Luminaries


  • Pressed flowers and leaves (use thin plant materials for this project)

  • Wax paper

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • Washi or clear tape


1. Cut four 5”x10” wax paper rectangles.

2. Fold each rectangle in half to create 5”x5” squares.

pressed flowers DIY project - click through to make this project!

3. Open up each folded piece and place dried flowers or leaves on one side of the fold. Fold the top layer back down with flowers inside.

pressed flower DIY luminaries tutorial - click through to make this project!

4. Briefly run the iron (on medium setting) over the top layer to seal the two layers together. Do not leave the iron on the wax paper for too long or it will melt! Repeat with all four squares.

dry flower luminaries step by step project - click through to make this project!

5. Line up all four sealed squares in a row. Use the washi tape to connect them on the seams where they meet.

6. Fold along each seam to create a square box and tape the final seam together.

natural floral luminary do it yourself project - click through to make this project!

7. Place the luminary near a bright window and let the natural daylight outline the beautiful colors and shapes of the plants or add a small tealight or battery-operated candle in the center and watch the petals illuminate at night.

TIP: Make a set of differently sized luminaries by playing with the dimensions of the wax paper walls.