memorial flower preservation 

Flowers provide a way to celebrate life's most joyful and trying moments. During the loss of a loved one, IMPRESSED by nature can help you preserve their memory by transforming their memorial flowers into custom accessories.

With a simple flower pressing kit and easy-to-follow tutorial, we will work together to make your memorial flowers into wearable keepsakes!

Here's how it works:

#1 Fill out the form below to order your preservation package.
#2 After the memorial service, get the flowers into water ASAP!
#3 Within the following two days, press your flowers using the provided flower pressing kit. Don't worry! There is a super easy-to-follow tutorial that will guide you through the process.
#4 Ship the pressing kit back to us.
#5 Let us do the rest! We will be in touch to discuss designs within 5 weeks.

Bay Area Local?

If you live in the Bay Area, arrange for a local delivery and skip steps #3-4 above.

Customers say...

You spend so much time picking out a beautiful bouquet and centerpieces and then in a matter of a couple days they go away. Iā€™m glad I have these pieces to remember my day!
— Kristin, married October 2016
[Kyla] ended up creating a product that went beyond what I had originally imagined. This set was made in memory of my father and grandmothers, and Kyla realized that this made the quality and look of the set important to me.
— Cara, married July 2015
This is an AMAZING service. It is a great way to preserve special flowers in a beautiful and FUNCTIONAL setting ā€“ who needs a bunch of dried flowers in their house, anyway?
— Allison, married September 2014
Kyla is both creative and professional. I got beautiful necklaces for my bridesmaids and a pair of earrings for me, which I continue to wear after the wedding. I absolutely recommend IMPRESSED by Nature. Whether for wedding jewelry, or a nice gift, you will fall in love with it!
— Margaux, married August 2014
Working with Kyla was very easy and comfortable; she was extremely responsive, willing to experiment, and very knowledgable about her craft.
— Natalie, married June 2015
I got tons of compliments on them, and my maids loved them.
— Kindle, married August 2015