White Hydrangea Pressed Flower Bridal Earrings--Custom Available

White Hydrangea Pressed Flower Bridal Earrings--Custom Available

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IMPRESSED by nature specializes in handmade pressed flower and leaf jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, etc.

Flowers are undoubtedly a special part of your wedding day! Why not include them in your jewelry selection for you and your bridal party? With an abundance of botanical beauties, the options are endless. Work with IMPRESSED by nature to create the perfect accessories to complement your day! Whether you want to match your flower or clothing selections or find something to provide the perfect pop of color, the botanical world has something for everyone.

These earrings have been made by pressing hydrangea petals, and then sealing them in a thin plastic. The petals are hung on silver chain and ear wires (copper, sterling silver, and gold are also options--see variations) and complemented with the bride's grandmother's pearls--custom bead options are available (send an email kyla@beimpressedbynature.com before purchasing for this option). The result is a lightweight earring that flows elegantly and creates a natural, gorgeous complement to your wedding day. The natural irregularities in individual petals make these earrings one of a kind.

Care: The pressing process preserves the petals and the sealant protects them from exposure to the elements. Slight natural fading of the petals may occur over time; store out of direct light.

Packaging: All earrings and necklaces come with a card indicating the plant's name (pictured in last image). Each piece is placed in a hand-stamped 100% recycled paper envelope.

NOTE: The earrings for sale do not include the pearls. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and may vary slightly from those pictured.

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